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Often described as the jewel Of Doncaster, the beautiful Cusworth Hall building is set on acres of historic land. WIth a functional Hall, Museum and Park across the land that Cusworth Hall Sites on, you will find something here, whether that’s a specific event or a section of our Cusworth Hall Museum that will be able to amaze you.

This site holds all the information that you need to plan a great family day out, with the Musem showing the homes, working places and socialization of the people of Doncaster from the 18th century to the present day, there will be entertainment for the whole family with the surroundings parks, exclusive bar, and cafe.

With free entry to the museum and cheap prices for all activities and eating/drinking places on the Cusworth grounds, we urge you to grab the family, the dog and even your grandma to come to share the wonderful History of Doncaster with us.

Once a country house filled to the brim of Georgian aged furniture, decor and anything else you can imagine, the Cusworth Hall has been made into a country style museum which puts on display many of the Doncaster inhabitants from the years previous and present.

Originally owned in the 17th Century, this house has been passed down through generations, and thankfully in recent years, we have managed to come into its possession and opened it up as an accessible museum for all members of the public, whether your part of a large family in Doncaster or not.

So, if you’re looking for a calm day it with the kids that can be fun and educational, then checking out the museum along with the surrounding areas such as the bar and park locations will allow you to do just this. Certainly becoming one of your favorite spots to spend your time with the family, Cusworth Hall museum is an accessible piece of history you have to come see it for yourself at least once.

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"The beautiful historic house and grounds set in the South Yorkshire countryside is a gem not to be missed, since its only a short drive from the center of Doncaster, this place is an easily accesiblr piece of history
The cafe and museum should definitely be taken advantage of but what really stand out are the beautiful gardens. Spend an afternoon soaking up the fresh air in true British beauty. It's always a pleasure to visit here and me, my dogs and my family will be coming back many more times in the future."

Jemima Leach

Happy Visitor

"Always great for walking the dog and kids. The new and updated playing area is great too for my youngest one. We have been most impressed with the museum and all of its historic items, which really helps me and the kdis see what it would have been like all those years ago, especially for people within our own personal family tree."

Cherry Snow

Happy Visitor

"Went here for the farmers market. There were plenty of stalls selling a wide range of different products, from jewellery, jams, clothes, bags, gin, and everything in between. The house is free to enter, with the usual historical items, portraits etc. The grounds are pretty with pleasant walks and there's a lake. There's a tearoom, but because of the market we got refreshments from one of the stalls. Lots of people brought their dogs, so they're clearly welcome. I enjoyed the afternoon and will go again."

Margot Matthews

Happy Visitor

"A great place for every age. Many events through the year. Good darling cheap rates. Free to go into this beautifully kept country house. Lots of history. A main stem of Doncaster heritage. Lots of walks around well stocked grounds. Great cafe restaurant just close by which really ties the whole of the acres of land together and offers up another great excuse not to leave this place."

Marco Burch

Happy Visitor

"Love this place. Been visiting this place since I was little. Not sure the behind the scenes yours are priced well. I take my kids here on a regular basis as they love sledging down the hill in the winter, rolling around in the fresh cut grass, walking round the lake is always a fun experience for us all too. The kids love coming back here countless times throughout the year. They love the dressing up clothes and looking round the historical displays."

Declan Kendall

Happy Visitor