ACWS Regimental Training and Instructional Weekend

Cusworth Hall Museum and Park9 Mar 2013 10.30am-5pm

A Weekend (Sat 9 and Sun 10th) of training and instruction in campaigning for members of the American Civil War Society (ACWS) and the public. Will include historic displays of soldiers daily routines.

Staurdays Programme will include:
10.30 Weapons Inspection and overview. (This will feed into military discipline)
Tidy up and equip those short from community pile.
Allocation of teachers for activities.
11.00 Posting of Sentry and Guards, deference to rank, officer of the day and challenge.
This will involve all ranks and will be an all inclusive activity
Explainations of where ranks fit and the structure for the weekend.
12.00 Dispelling Myths on Military Discipline, what was done.
(These two will be split into two groups with the times reversed for group 2)
12.30 Question and Answer for the public. There will also be instruction by Alistair Wilson on period sewing, a simple project poke sack and this will be continuous in spare times.
13.00 Dinner, this will also be a talk on period rations, pokesackology, the role of the
of the commissary, mess system and an introduction. Also open discussion about
authentic rations. (This will be repeated so does not need to conclude)
14.00 10 easy fixes, possible fix,needlework (due to there still being daylight) stripping down
your kit.
14.30 At this stage the camp will be set up.
Discussion on styles, types and methods of campaign camping.
15.15 Three common weapons and where we go wrong, Full strip. Field strip and care of weapons.
Activity by Lazy Jack, Christian Sprakes and Charles Elwood.
16.00 Patrol and \Skirmish movement.
17.00 Dinner, continuation of earlier, hopefully introduction of mess system among others.

09.00 Quick assembly, disassembly of camp.
Packing of Blanket roll and Haversack.
This event will repeat to allow all people to have completed a quick disassemble.
Opportunity will also allow people to try this with different kits.
Those who do not own kits will be allowed to try it with a borrowed set.
10.00 Posting of Sentry (Possible Event and Challenge scenario)
11.00 Company Equipment, moving, allocation and joined up thinking. Team building.
This will demonstrate how certain equipment was not duplicated and how company kit
was carried.
Discussion on Entrenchment.
12.00 Dinner, Rations allocations, commencing of previous discussions around food and
13.00 Public interaction.
This will be a free period where all can ask for repeats or catch up of anything that has
gone over the weekend.
This is also the period where te most public questions may be asked and we will be
allowing public to try anything they have seen over the weekend.
14.00 Repeat of Camp strip, skirmish while carrying camp.

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