Cusworth Zombie Challenge

cusworth zombie challenge

Cusworth Hall, Museum and Park25 October 2013 6pm-10pm

It started suddenly; a normal day instantly plunged into the worse kind of nightmare! We had heard of the threat of this so called “new plague” for months but we had to carry on as normal, it wasn’t ever going to happen anyway, or so we thought, how wrong we were! They said there was a place that was safe, an ark if you will that we could use to shelter from the cataclysm and get medical attention, it failed to protect us. Cusworth Hall, the last bastion of security had fallen and it was time to escape. … People, previously dead were walking amongst us, killing anything alive and consuming it. Cusworth Hall was the last stand and now its solid walls had succumbed to what everyone was calling zombies.

We have to run, all options are spent, all hope of help gone, we have to run! The place is infested and the infected are everywhere. We have no other chance of survival and the path we must take is riddled with the previously dead. Obstacles will be in our path, areas of danger will be everywhere and the path is long but in a situation as bad as this, running is the only option!

Welcome to the Cusworth Zombie Challenge 2013, can you escape the infected? Join us on Friday the 25th of October for an evening you won’t forget in a hurry. The grounds of Cusworth Hall have been transformed into a 4 kilometre terror trail that you, your friends and family must navigate and avoid being captured by the zombie hordes. You will face obstacles, themed areas, spooky woodlands and the undead along the route; will you make it to the finish line unscathed?

Suitable for anyone over the age of 10 the Cusworth Zombie Challenge promises to be great fun for everyone. Starting at 5pm, groups will set off from outside the main hall every 10 minutes and make their way through a specially designed route around the gardens, woods, fields and lakes that make up the Cusworth Hall grounds. If you make it back alive a host of entertainment will be waiting for you including music, funfair rides, food and drink and of course, prizes for everyone for making it in one piece.

Before you start the challenge you will be issued with 2 red tags that will fit to your clothing, these are your lives and must be protected at all costs. As you make your way around the course the zombies will be hunting you down, chasing you and trying to get your tags. Will you make it back with all of your lives intact or will you lose them and become one of the infected?

Registration is essential and can be done either through via Paypal or you can register in person at Cusworth Hall and Real Fitness anytime during the normal opening hours. Taking part costs £10 per person up to the 30th of September but then rises to £14 in October but one child goes free (aged between 10 and 16 years old) with every full paying adult. Registering on the day will cost £18 so we urge you to book as soon as possible

Can you escape the infected? Let’s find out!

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