Family Fun Day – Toys of Present and Past

Cusworth Hall, Museum and Park20th Feb 2018: 11:30am-4:30pm

Throughout the ages, children have played with toys, whether that’s simply with a stick and ball or with their fancy smartphones, toys have been a key part of a child’s entertainment and are key into the growth of children teaching them simple problem solving skills, social skills and even understand how to share their own belongings (sometimes). We’ve all been children at one stage in our life but since we’ve gotten older we’ve missed out on the latest technology and your kids have missed out on toys of the past, so if you’re looking tot each your children how things were like for you when you were young with a first-hand experience or you just want a trip down memory lane, then get yourself and your children to our Toys of Present and Past event at Cusworth Hall and Park.

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