Free Guided Cusworth Museum Tour

Cusworth Hall, Museum and Park5th July 2018: 2pm-4pm

We welcome everyone to come visit the Cusworth Hall museum, but we understand that since its such a big place it can be hard to stay on track and allow yourself to take in the history on display at a time, so we’ve found that having a guide at hand who is equipt with all the information you could possibly need – as well as answers to your never-ending questions – will make your trip to the museum a calm and enjoyable one where you can really feel like you have gotten something out of the experience. The reason this is so special is because typically our tours come at a price but for this time only, for the foreseeable future, this guided tour will be completely free so we urge you to come to join us, whether you’ve been once before our the Cusworth Hall is going to be a totally new experience for you.

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