Haunting in the Hall 2 The House of Dolls

haunting in the hall

Cusworth Hall, Museum and Park26/27 October 5pm-9.30pm

In 1913, whilst residing at Cusworth hall, Robert Cecil Battie-Wrightson stumbled upon a collection of old dolls in the cellars of the building which no one could recall having seen before. Excited by his find, he brought the dolls into the upper rooms and created an exhibition for his friends who were due to arrive at the hall that cold October night. His friends loved what he had found, astounded that such large examples of china dolls and rag dolls even existed, let alone be undiscovered in the depths of the estates labyrinth of cellars. That night they all went to bed as normal, none were seen again.
Robert searched frantically for his friends but to no avail, they had vanished along with the collection of dolls and an extensive investigation by the local constabulary revealed no trace of either.
We fast forward 100 years to this summer where, during a routine survey of the halls cellars, several crates were uncovered that no one could remember seeing before. The crates were opened and, to everyone’s surprise, they contained several life sized Victorian dolls that were in immaculate condition. Could these be the same dolls Robert uncovered 100 years ago and, if so, how did they end up back in the cellar and not seen by the police during the huge search that occurred after the guests disappeared?

This October, during 2 nights over the Halloween period, Cusworth hall will recreate Roberts dolls exhibition for you to enjoy. We invite you to take a tour with our expert guides and take a peek at these very unusual dolls. Where did they come from? Who made them? Why did they lay undiscovered for 100 years and what secrets will you uncover?

The haunting in the Hall runs from Saturday the 26th of October to Sunday the 27th and is aimed at all ages. Saturday the 26th is for children and family groups and will give you a spooky Halloween adventure for everyone to enjoy. Sunday the 27th sees things ramped up and is aimed at teenagers and thrill seeking adults where a high adrenaline, full on scare experienced is promised, will you be brave enough to make it through in one piece? Tickets for both days are priced at £4 and you can pay on the door. Last year was VERY busy so we urge you to turn up early.

Opening times are as follows:- Saturday the 26th, 5pm to 9pm, last entry at 8:30pm. Sunday the 27th, 6pm to 10pm, last entry at 9:30pm

The haunting in the Hall – House of the Dolls is a chilling walkthrough attraction designed to scare! Utilising live “scare actors”, sounds, lighting, effects and fear we dare you to take the tour this Halloween!

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