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Family Fun Day – Toys of Present and Past

Cusworth Hall and Park TUE: 11:30pm-4:30

Throughout the ages, children have played with toys, whether that's simply with a stick and ball or with their fancy smartphones, toys have been a key part of a child's entertainment and are key into [...]

Come Step Into Spring With Us

Cusworth Hall Museum & Park WED: 2PM - 6PM

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year, the birds are singnig and the plants are blossoming all through the forests and the parks of Doncaster. Even more so in the Cusworth Hall Gardens [...]

Craft Gift & Farmers’ Market

Cusworth Hall Museum & Park FRI: 10:30AM - 6PM

There's nothing better than fresh food or fresh anything for that matter. Whether you're in the market for a new bag or you're looking to start your Christmas shopping early an invest in some new clot [...]

Free Guided Cusworth Museum Tour

Cusworth Hall Museum & Park THU: 2PM - 4PM

We welcome everyone to come visit the Cusworth Hall museum, but we understand that since its such a big place it can be hard to stay on track and allow yourself to take in the history on display at a [...]

Afternoon Tea at the Cusworth Museum

Cusworth Hall Museum & Park THU: 1pm-6pm

Sometimes, it gets a little hectic at Cusworth Mesum, that's why on occasion we like to invite all of our wonderful previous guests and hopefully any new ones to an afternoon tea day at the Museum. Ev [...]

Meet Santa at Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall Museum & Park FRI: 8pm - 10pm

Santa makes many trips around the country to make sure he can bring happiness to all of the children who have been good this year, and the Museum isnt a place he ;eaves out! If your little one is exci [...]