From Getting Settled to Hiring A Man and Van: Tips on How To Make Hosting A Move-In Party in Doncaster Easy

party in doncaster

If you’ve recently moved to Doncaster, and are planning on hosting a move-in or housewarming party, then you should know that it will not be as easy as it seems. Even professional event planners would attest to the fact that it is incredibly stressful.


There are, however, some things you could do to make planning a party or event yourself as easy as possible. So, to help you out, we’ve gathered some tips that you may find useful when planning a move-in party to Doncaster.

Get Settled Before Anything Else

Before you decide to host a move-in or a house-warming party, the first thing you will have to do is get fully settled into your new home. Make sure that you have adjusted and are already well-acquainted with the new place. After all, you will want to be comfortable first before you let guests in.

One way of doing this is by making sure all your belongings are unpacked and arranged within your new home. The sight of boxes still packed just makes adjusting all the more difficult. Also, seeing familiar items within an unfamiliar place may just help you out!

party in doncaster
party in doncaster

You also wouldn’t want to invite your guests into a home littered with boxes! You may not be hosting your party at a grand events venue in Doncaster, but the least you could do is make sure your house is presentable enough for your guests.

With that being said, though, take your time to unpack your belongings to avoid unnecessary stress and exhaustion.

It would also be ideal for you to get to know your neighbourhood during this time. Explore the city and find out what you can do in Doncaster! Aside from knowing where exactly to run to get quick refills on the day of your party, getting to know your neighbours will also help you determine exactly whom you’re inviting to the party.

Set A Budget

Once you’re settled enough to throw a move-in party, you may begin setting your budget. Your budget will determine how difficult planning your move-in party will be. Working on a specific budget can be a bit of a challenge when you’ve got a lot of requirements, after all. This will also determine how big your party can be.

So, figure out how much you will spend for your welcome party, as this will help you in making your decisions for your upcoming party.

Plan The Specifics

Once you’ve determined your budget, you may begin planning out the specifics of your party. This includes the date, time, and guest list. With these things determined, you may go on to finalise other things related to your party.


Will you have to make the actual invitations, or would an online invitation suffice? Would you rather prepare all the food yourself, purchase it from somewhere, or hire a caterer to help you out with the move? Also, decide what kind of drinks you want to serve, what decorations you want to put up, and what other party supplies you will need.

Hire A Doncaster Man and Van

It would also be beneficial for you to hire a man and van in Doncaster to help you out with the errands that need to be run before your party, especially if you’re busy with other things like work or taking care of the kids.

man with a van
man with a van

A man with a van can help you get items from Point A to Point B. Although often used for moving houses, a man, and van can also help you with local errands, single item collection and delivery, waste disposal, self-storage move-ins, and many more. Experts at Fantastic Removals say that nothing beats the safety of insurance with a moving company.

On the day of your party, you may hire a man and van to help you with the following:

  • Pick up of alcoholic beverages
  • Collection of the party snacks and miscellaneous supplies you’ve ordered from the store
  • After-party waste disposal
  • Pick up any equipment you will need for the party
  • alcohol delivery doncaster
    alcohol delivery doncaster

If you’re worried about the costs of a man and van, don’t be! Man and van service providers often compute your charges based on several factors such as the length of the job, how many crew members you need, and the difficulty of the job, among many others. That means you’ll only be paying for what is due!

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself

Do not pressure yourself to get this move-in party planned out perfectly, because chances are, there will be some kinks along the way. You will also want to steer clear of setting unrealistic expectations about how your party is going to end up. These things will only set you up for a lot of unnecessary stress, frustration, and anxiety.

Also, avoid criticising yourself too much and keep in mind that your guests will be more empathetic than you expect. So, be as authentic as possible, and surely, your party will be a smashing success!

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Enjoy The Party

A host should be able to have fun at their own party. So, enjoy everything you’ve worked hard to organise and set up! Savour the food, mingle, and have a couple of drinks! Know that you did your best and enjoy!

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