Throwing An Event In Doncaster

A large corporate event

Be it weddings, bridal showers, baptisms, birthday parties, or just get-together s, Doncaster is definitely one town that should be in your list of potential venues. It is super easy to find a magnificent place to host your event in Doncaster. When looking for venues, it is best to check whether these venues are safe. Is there a sufficient amount of fire exits? Does the venue have a gas safety certificate? Will your invited guests fit without posing a hazard to them? These are just some questions you need to be answered so you can guarantee that your event goes by without a hitch.

Located in Yorkshire, Northern England, Doncaster is a breathtaking town surrounded by great things to do like horse racecourses, the Corn Exchange, Cusworth Hall, and the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery. An ancient town developed from the Roman fort called ‘Danum’, Doncaster has evolved to house both modern and traditional architecture. 

The history of Doncaster is quite rich and it is proudly displayed by its residents. For example, the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery house a 1914 model of a Cheswold car. The existence of Cusworth Hall also represents the past and present of Doncasters’ workers, socializers, and homeowners.

If you have already decided on throwing an event in Doncaster, then there are many things that you have to know and do. If you dutifully follow this checklist then your event will definitely be a success.

Check Safety Regulations

Above all else, and even before deciding to move forward with planning an event at a specific venue, it is important that you first check whether these venues follow the safety regulations of Doncaster. When it comes to event planning, it is better if you prioritize safety.

Some of the stuff you have to think about are:

    • Proper Ventilation – a party venue with no proper ventilation will become problematic as when things become too active, your guests will need more air. Too much heat buildup and lack of oxygen can cause multiple health complications such as getting lightheaded
    • Gas Safety Certificate – obviously, you will be serving food. It is a rule in the UK that when gas appliances are in the formula, a gas safety certificate must be acquired to ensure everyone’s safety. Check whether the venue has this certificate
    • Fire Exits – should an unfortunate event occur, does the venue have a plan as to how they can evacuate your guests? Are there enough fire exits for your guests to run to? 
    • Proper Security – while Doncaster has low crime rates, you still need to plan out for the worst. Ask the venue place whether their security would be adequate for just about anything that could happen



Finalize Your Guest List

Each venue will have a minimum and maximum seating capacity. Before signing into an agreement with an events place, first, finalize your guest list. It would be unnecessarily expensive for you to rent a 400-pax venue if only 250 RSVP’ed. On the other hand, it would be a tight fit and just downright uncomfortable to get a 200-pax venue and 300 guests showed up. Write a final guest list weeks before the event. It is only polite to also send your guests a list of the best accommodations in Doncaster so they can book their rooms and hotels in advance.

Hire Credible Caterers

Nothing could be worse than hosting an event and offering bad food. This is a disaster that you can avoid by hiring a proper and credible caterer instead of skimping out on the food budget. Some tips on how to find the right caterer include:

  • Gauge their responsiveness – if in the negotiation phase, you already have a hard time communicating with them, just how hard would it be to contact them during the event when problems arise?
  • Do a taste test – you’ll be hiring them mostly for the good food. Make sure that you do a food tasting before the event so you are sure that the dishes you will be serving is good
  • Varied menu options – make sure that your caterers can accommodate your guests having specific food sensitivities like allergies or lifestyle choices. When serving buffet style, the general rule of thumb is to always have a vegetarian option just in case. Also, ask your guests whether they have any allergies beforehand
  • Contract – never go into an agreement without a contract. This will protect you from your caterers not providing the proper service on the day of the event. One common horror story of event-planning that you want to avoid is of the caterers not showing up

Establish A Theme

Establish your theme so you can decide whether you have the right venue or not. For example, Doncaster is quite known for horseracing. A racing themed party would surely be a hit not to mention you can host it in an actual racing track. On the other hand, if you want a fancy party straight out of a medieval fairytale, you can check out Cusworth Hall.

Set A Budget

More often than not, event-planning ends up more expensive than it was projected to be. Set a budget and stick to it, allowing only for minor adjustments such as when the number of guests drastically increase. Setting a budget will also ensure that you do not set your sights on an event that’s way over your league. Fortunately for you, Doncaster, as compared to Manchester and London, is much cheaper.

Plan For The Unexpected

It would be for the best to always have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. Always have a Plan B and C. Just exactly what would you do if the majority of your guests brought along +1s without telling you in advance? How will you adjust the seating chart? Will you need to move to a different venue?

Likewise, what is your plan B if the keynote speakers you invited suddenly decided to cancel? Who will talk? Would you be able to recover? If you’re planning an outdoor party, what happens if it rains? Are there tents available to shield your event from total disaster?

Lastly, what happens if your event extends way longer than you expected? When you plan a great party, everyone won’t be in a hurry to go home. This means that they will most likely stay longer than the time you rented the venue for. Will you extend the rent of the venue or will you usher everyone into a different hall where everyone can mingle much more comfortably?